Library Instructions (2000)

Whilst cleaning out the filing cabinet (a massive job!), I found the following list of of library “instructions” from 2000:

1) students should not be sent to the library without a pass from their teacher

2) Videos are staff resources and should only be borrowed by staff OR written permission given to students to borrow on behalf of teacher OR written permission by the teacher for students to borrow for overnight use.

3) Students may view the videos in the library.

4) to avoid disruption to classes in the library, students are not to enter or exit the auditorium via the library. Students are to wait at outside auditorium doors for a teacher to let them in.

5) Library bookings can be made at the circulation desk or on Ext. XXX. If computers are needed you must also book them. At present we have 7 computers with access to the Internet and word processing.

6) When making bookings, please provide library staff with information on the topic to be taught. This will help prepare us for your class in the library.

7) Fiction booking can be made via the booking sheet on Mrs. XXX’s desk.

8) Internet searching for school work only. No email or chat.

9) The library must be left tidy after each class.

Times have most certainly changed (for the better)! 


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