Too hard basket

There’s a section of my desk I reserve for the “too hard basket”. I’ve been ploughing though this of late and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that none of it is actually particularly hard. Some of it’s been there for over 12 months! I think I might have to rename it the “Can’t be bothered with right now” basket. I really¬† have to question why I put all that stuff there in the first place.


Happy Birthday Mr Lovecraft!

Today is HP Lovecraft’s birthday. By some strange coincidence, one of the Geek Boys is walking around with a Cthulhu puppet. The puppet’s name is Bubbles. Geek Boy had no idea of the coincidence. He was impressed, however, that I knew it was Cthulhu.


The collection I work with contains a lot of old material. I think my predecessors did very little weeding. I have already re-homed over 3000 books but there is still a long way to go.

I often offer the weeded books to staff to look through. I am very happy if the books find new homes rather than ending up in landfill. The other day, a teacher commented “How come you only get rid of the rubbishy books?”


Bronies are everywhere

We had some some students visiting from other schools today. It’s something we do quite regularly. Today, one of them was in the Library for a reading session. I think he thought he’d trick me or weird me out or something by asking for a My Little Pony book. He seemed rather surprised when I asked if he was a Brony. Clearly I wasn’t meant to know about Internet stuff (being old and all that). I gave him a Paul Jennings book and he seemed happy with my selection.

Where’s Wally?

Just overheard some Senior students trying to find Wally. One of them claimed that Waldo was the guy in yellow and black. Another one corrected him and it was the US version. I told them the guy in yellow and black was Odlaw. They couldn’t quite get their head around the connection between Waldo and Odlaw. It’s too early in the week for a Friday afternoon style conversation.